Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Welcome to My Blog!

This is Elliot Schaeffer, PGY-1 of the UMass Fitchburg Family Medicine Residency program. I am blogging about the Global Health Track's trip to Nicaragua this year.

We just finished an engrossing two weeks of lectures on global health topics in Worcester before we left. The purpose of our trip is not clinical, but to learn about the health systems of Nicaragua, establish connections, and to find a health topic of need in the community and present it to them. 

I guess I will introduce our group before beginning. First there is Dr. Anna Doubeni. She is our fearless leader and the creator of the Global Health Track. Dr. Juan-Carlos Ramos-Ayes is a Behavioral Health fellow. He recently came to the US from Puerto Rico and speaks fluent Spanish.

Dr. Christina Mota, PGY-1 and Dr. Amber Wiekamp, PGY-1 are Family Health Center interns in the UMass Worcester Family Medicine Residency.  Marianne Dominguez is a recent college graduate who is very likely to apply for PA school in the near future. Naomi Lawrence-Reid is a UMass Medical School student who is going into a Pediatric residency next year (still awaiting her Match results.)


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