Monday, February 28, 2011

Day 9, February 21 (Monday)

Today we left early to go to the health clinic at El Tololar. In the clinic this morning, we broke up into groups, shadowing the doctor, the general nurse, and the OB/Gyn nurse. This was a great experience. We saw how medicine was practiced on the front lines when tests and referrals are options of last resort. The medical staff was extremely welcoming to us and I look forward to returning to El Tololar.

El Tololar

After morning clinic, there was a meeting of the Brigadistas from the nearby communities. Brigadistas are people who are chosen by their community of usually several hundred people to represent them. At this meeting, any new preventative advice is given to the Brigadistas and the Brigadistas in turn share any medical concerns from their community.

Translation: All services in this hospital are free
While the Brigadistas are not medically trained, they are given the authority to give certain medicines for certain prescriptions. These medications are tallied and resupplied at these meetings as well. After the meeting we returned to Leon and began work on our teaching presentations on diarrhea.

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  1. All the services are free, Then how is the Hospital surviving with the staff & maintainence cost.