Thursday, February 24, 2011

Day 7, February 19 (Saturday)

Juan Carlos volcano boarding!

We had been given the weekend off during our time in Nicaragua. Most of the group signed up for a tour with Julio to go volcano boarding and visit a volcano lagoon. First, we had a short hike up the volcano. We were hiking on old lava with gorgeous vistas. Parts of the ground were smoking and extremely hot.

Once we got to the top, we hopped on the wooden boards that we had carried up and slid down it. It was similar to sledding, but obviously much longer! The speed accumulated quickly and all of us braked a little to slow ourselves down! 
We volcano boarded on this side

We hopped back in the van and promptly reached a part of the road that became very soft and the van could not pass. We got out and prepared the road with rocks and sticks for better traction.

After many attempts, we got past the difficult roadway. Upon approaching the lagoon, we got stuck again and we had to push the van to get it going again.  We made it to the gorgeous lagoon where we relaxed for a couple of hours.

Upon returning, a few of us went out for a night on the town as it was our only night to sleep in!


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