Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Day 2, February 14 (Monday)

A smoking volcano!

I woke up early and explored the city for a little with Juan-Carlos. The city has a nice central square, several markets, and constant energy. We then had a brief meeting of mainly introductions with some of the faculty of the local medical school. We will have many more in-depth meetings with them in the coming days.

After this meeting, we had a team-building exercise let by Juan-Carlos. We then went on a historical tour of Leon where we learned about the two civil wars led by our guide, Julio, who was directly involved in both of them. We had a nice dinner and some relaxation time at the hostel to close out the evening.

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  1. For all the good that the United States of North America has done in the world, it would be a horrible tragedy to ignore the lessons from the many sins we have committed as a hemispheric and now global power.

    To work in Nicaragua without learning from our past mistakes would leave us likely tripping over a century's worth of our imperial detritus and powerless to engage in sustainable healing...

    sounds like you are having a great start to a hopefully wonderful two weeks. Please send us photos if you can.