Thursday, February 24, 2011

Day 8, February 20 (Sunday)

Today, after a slow start, we headed to the beach. Juan, Dr. Doubeni, and I went on a motorboat through a nature reserve of mangrove forests. We saw many interesting birds and a small crocodile. We had a few minutes on a completely secluded beach where not a single other person or development could be seen. We also visited a turtle hatchery.

We then had a nice lunch of fresh full fish and hung out on the beach staying for sunset on the ocean. We hopped in the cabs that we had arranged to head back. We quickly realized that our cab drivers were in an extreme hurry and were driving us recklessly without regard to safety in order to go quicker.

After multiple terrifying passes, we told our cab driver to slow down and he reluctantly agreed. After a street side dinner, we were all exhausted and just relaxed in the hostel at night.

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