Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Day 4, February 16 (Wednesday)

We left early to go to the hospital for another meeting with the Director of  Community  Practice. He explained the Nicaraguan system of medical education to us year by year, then he explained the Nicaraguan health system. We ended up with a small break between meetings and we had a Nicaraguan lunch and explored some cathedrals.  (I also got an excellent haircut for $2.00!)

In the afternoon, we had a meeting at CIDS, the epidemiology center where we learned about some of the programs and projects that they have to offer. All was extremely educational. We met up with the rotarians for a fancy dinner with two Nicaraguan medical student who plan to do two rotations at UMass in the spring. This dinner ran on Nicaraguan time as it took about three hours and we promptly went to bed after returning to our hostel.

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